Sunday, January 1, 2012

Just buttons!!!!!

Henry Croft. Its written, That he sewed pearly buttons on his coats to attract customers to buy his apples

 After my little blog and photo of this morning and wishing you all a Happy New years day..   As usual, I continued with  having my morning tea and toast and turned the tv on to watch the news.
I was just about to turn the tv news off , get myself ready to  go into the village to see my friends .  When  the parade of the "Pearly King and Queens" came on he screen.Strutting through the streets of london in all their pearly refinery, they looked so grand and imposing, and very proud.  I quickly sat down again, to watch the parade. A breed of people with longstanding traditions .. It was really great viewing . (I just had to share this with you all.. )

I haven't seen the "Perlies" or thought about them since i was a young girl,   Not living in England, and it being an all English event.   I actually thought that they had just died out.  What a wonderful sight it all was, to see them again.
On thinking about it, I thought.. how can such a great event of pomp and ceromony die out.    Not to mention the  preperation it takes these "Perlies", and all their hard work.. an event for the whole City. I have made a note, to try and be there for the occasion next year.

 So many traditions, have fallen by the wayside.. it would be a great shame If this tradition was to go too.  I was delighted to see them once again it erased all my fears of them dying out.

    I remember my mother describing the Perlies  to me and telling me stories when i was little.  Of how they sewed their buttons onto their clothes ..and walked through the streets of London, in all their finery, for the people to see. --I thought it was a fairy tale story!.. images of white pearly buttons sewn onto clothes and Kings and Queens walking through the streets Ohh ! the images were all to vivid..   .. I always thought there was only one Queen.  How i lovley it was to know there are many- .

January 1st 2012

                              A  Happy   New Years   Day..    Wishes to us all for a great 2012

Saturday, December 31, 2011

A little bit of what you fancy does you good

Wishing all my lovely blogger friends a Happy New Year.  
May 2012 be filled with all good things.. Hoping you all have a little bit of "What you fancy"..
Hugs and all the best, thank you  for passing by and taking the time to read my blogs and leave your lovely comments.  Its been fun.   Looking forward to seeing you all through the next year.

Dresses  ready
Shoes to dance the night away
Champs and chocolates and lots of goodies.. Enjoy your Eve.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Unique decorations

While parking my car at the bank  a couple of days ago,

This delightful sight caught my eye , tucked away in one of our little village squares.   the local Scouts of our village, had taken the time to decorate the orange trees .  I thought it was really festive, and had been decorated without spending much money.
You can see how they have put the net packing around the oranges.  Trully a great idea.
The oranges are picked when rippened and given to the old age home.  

Thursday, December 22, 2011

christmas week for the animals

The animals, have been very happy this week.   We are experiencing some lovely warm mid day sunshine .
The weather man, says its here for the weekend too.

Here is Surprise..she decided to come into the garden for the grass.. better than a lawn mower.
These next few days, the horses will get a treat of oats.  

The sheep at Manuel's happy and fat

Dulcineia has got a new saddle

The bright sun beaming down yesterday ..I took the photo through my car window, on my way to the village. 
Its christmas time for the animals too..   Farm life is never dull, always something going on.

                                                  Enjoy your christmas thursday..

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

wake up call

 Please wake up mummy! We need to go out!! little Buddy and Hardy joining me for my early morning cup of tea.. an extra lazy hour in bed..
A warm greeting on a cold winters morning..
 little robin redbreast dropped by too.

wishing you all a happy tuesday.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

4th Advent Sunday

A christmas morning photo of myself .. taken many christmas's ago.  My  mother lovingly made the dress for me .. I remember  so well ,helping her to glue the sequins on.. It was such excitement. I danced around the house all day.

In our family, we dont really need conversation topics when all together,there is always lots to talk about.   But this year, thought i would add a little of the unusual.    I have taken old photos out of my boxes ,  some old and some new to pass around .everyone will have a photo next to their craker ,and will have to tell a tale about that photo. - an excuse for another glass of wine or two !
Christmas is a time for peace , good cheer and love...

Wishing you a happy 4th advent sunday..  

Maybe you have some old photos in your albums! To share